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  • Marketing

    Marketing Network

    Customers trademark display


    The refrigerator motor

    In 1, Hangzhou City Refrigeration Holdings Limited

    In 2, the new Hangzhou neon refrigeration equipment limited company

    3, Compressor Company Limited

    4, compressor ( Jingzhou) Company Limited

    In 5, West Bella compressor limited company

    In 6, Taizhou LG Electronics cold machine limited company


    Air compressor motor

    In 1, the French Danfoss Company Limited

    DANFOSS Commercial Compressors

    In 2, the United States Danfoss Company Limited


    3, Danfoss ( Tianjin ) Company Limited

    DANFOSS ( Tianjin ) Ltd.

    In 4, Zhejiang Hing Fat locomotive equipment limited company

    In 5, Zhejiang Ankang refrigeration equipment limited company



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