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    Firm in beg litre, rise change

    April, spring, willow is green, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, in a full of vigour with spring weather, I Division also ushered in the reform and development of the spring.

    At the beginning of April, the Division I began to perform" workshop performance salary appraisal methods (Trial )". The solution, is not only the management of the company over in one's mind the result, is the company should be practical and ascending becomes bold. According to this approach, hot stamping and welding, casting (including metalworking ), electric two, electric three workshop vice director and section chief, its wage assessment will include production, quality and safety and the situation in three parts. And previously executed assessment methods, this approach is more comprehensive, it contains not only the production situation assessment, but also improve the quality, safety and on-site attention, which fully shows the management stage goal pursuit, we should not only bigger, more strong to do. Do a strong key requires the effective guarantee of product quality. The approach to quality assessment and production situation assessment as equally important, is the embodiment of the" product quality is done, rather than checking out". At the same time, safety and site assessment content to join, but also demonstrates the Division I always pursue the" people-oriented" management philosophy.


    This method carries out a month, we see the changes. Workshop director people income gap, do a good job enthusiasm is sufficient, insufficient for gaps; workshop clean, maintenance of equipment to normal production meeting, less content, these all the way Luliang is good, the effect of good. This next phase unwrapping method this promotion, laid good foundation.

    In joyful at the same time, we also should see, with the change of market demand, but also requires us to quickly adjust. In late April against orders decreased the number of cases, Wu Dong put forward "three security" strategy, namely the" personal safety"," safety" and" capital safety". Raw material procurement of quality assurance, product inventory timely digestion and processing will be the next phase of work focus.

    Therefore, we here call, we hope that the staff of the company union oneself is actual, firm in beg litre, or change, in the extraordinary position to make an extraordinary performance.




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