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  • Recruitment

    I Dibei

    I find a good location in Dubey, operate their own

    Into Tippy for two years, because of the special nature of the work of the office, have always been on his work is not very clear: translation, secretarial, personnel. But you can definitely do their jobs well, leading to the task. Aymer teacher said, a company by the leading horse, horse, horse management implementation, technology, integrates the consultant horse horse. Clearly, in this category, you can determine their current for the implementation of the horse.

    Implementation of horse, on the premise of the work was good enough. At present our work can be divided into two aspects: professional and copy.

    One, to professional hanging there, operate their own

    Two years ago, although the translation job into Tippy, but when faced with a lot of professional terms, also be at a loss what to do, because at that time has just learning English skills, rather than professional skills. Later at the master 's advice, through continuous learning, slowly understand products, familiar with the production process, and gradually master the related terms, 8D reports, as well as with the customer and communication skills. Now he basically can operate independently, good communication and customer. But there are still many shortcomings, such as the technical aspects of the translation, the translation of the drawings, and sometimes because of a misnomer customer misunderstanding and so on. This requires more than learning, multiple access, ask more, enhance their professional knowledge and ability, to do the best, do professional.

    Two, starting from the details, do the best

    As is known to all, although Jane has miscellaneous office work. Its essence lies in the simple things to do the details, do everything 100%. The beginning, always feel that these things are complicated, and no technical content. Then slowly came to understand these things, although very simple, but not everyone can do it 100% well. For example, documentation, classification, the document according to a certain order sorting,

    When a person knows the location, will work hard enterprising, looking for a way out, in line with their own conditions to make decisions, to find his proficiency in a particular line, operate their own occupation career, believe that the enterprise, believe in yourself, trust others, will become the most valuable employee.




    Listen, Tippy progressive footsteps

    When the target becomes the impetus to forge ahead, when norms become strong executive, when words become practical action, we hear Sidibe endeavor era the footsteps of spring.

    In spring March, abundant the awaken of spring of the call, we feel all things vitality, and all things thriving beats, embarked on a new round of challenges: strive for 100 days, to produce ultra million.

    We have to shout loud slogans, we have paved roads, now we have to do is stand on solid ground, work steadily along this road.

    One, breakthrough bottleneck, a higher layer.

    Tippy was founded in 1985, after twenty-five years. In twenty-five years, we search hard, tenacious struggle. With keep on carving dedication, flexible mode of operation, Tippy production and sales increased year by year, product quality is steady in have litre. However the million mark is always displayed in front of us a problem. The reason many such as the management idea, staffing, equipment investment. In order to break through this bottleneck, we analyzed one by one, one by one to break through. Enhance the management philosophy, suitable hillock, optimization of workshop management; to move only Philip Murphy, inject new force, for the breakthrough million lay a solid backing; a large number of investment of equipment, tooling and effective management, but also for the target injection hardware power. At the same time millions of not just the number of pursuit, it is the requirement of quality. Continuously enhance the quality awareness, improve the adjustment process, so as to reduce the waste, to break through 1 million, to win more customers reputation.

    Two, incentive, race each other up and down

    The incentive mechanism is the behavior of power system booster. In order to boost morale, motivation to work toward a cross, I Division and the early in the two workshop took the lead in developing labor emulation. The team as a unit, from production, quality, environment, safety in production four respects undertake daily competitions, and selected the winning team on its reward, while other workshops are also carried out on the output target game. Through these activities, to better mobilize the working enthusiasm, initiative, improve labor enthusiasm. To properly take each step, a step can be brilliant. Believe that all employees in the struggle, will be a big step forward: to produce ultra million.

    If the success of a long series of steps, one more sonorous and forceful footsteps, step out of joy, so they can march forward courageously more sturdy we have faith and determination of the success and joy, because behind is more hope, hope, forward! Sidibe, forward!


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