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    Processing, mold processing

    Die processing refers to the forming and billet processing tools, in addition also includes shearing die and die cutting mold. Typically, the mold has an upper mold and a lower mold is composed of two parts. The steel plate is placed between upper and lower molds, in the press under the action of material molding press, when opened, will be obtained by the die shape is determined by the workpiece or remove the corresponding waste. Small electronic connector, to a vehicle instrument panel can be molded workpiece. The progressive die is to automatically put the workpiece from one station to move to another position, and at the last station get forming part of the die set. Mold processing

    Mold processing technology including: clicker die, blanking die, compound die, extrusion die, four slide die, progressive die, stamping die, die cutting mold. The basic characteristics of mold processing

    ( 1) requires high processing precision mold is generally composed concave die, punch and die holder component, some may also be more piece module. Therefore, the lower die combination, insert with cavity module combination, the joining between are required to have high machining precision. Precision die precision of M level. ( 2) the shape of complex some products such as automobile parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the shape of the surface is composed of a variety of surface combination, thus, the mold cavity surface is very complex. Some surface must use mathematical calculation method. ( 3) small batch production tooling is not mass production, in many cases often produces only a. ( 4) multiple mold processing to use milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping a variety of processes such as. ( 5) the reproducibility of production mold is the use of life. When a mold for use over their lifetimes, will replace a new mold, and mold production often have repeatability. ( 6) copying processing mold sometimes neither pattern, no data, and according to the kind of profiling processing. This requires the imitation precision, no deformation. ( 7) die material excellent, high hardness die mainly of material which is made of high-quality alloy steel, especially the high life of die, often using Crl2, CrWMn ledeburite steel. This kind of steel from the rough forging, heat treatment process to have strict requirements. Thus make the machining process more can not be ignored, the heat treatment deformation processing is also needs to take seriously the issue. According to the above characteristics, in the selection of machine tools as much as possible to meet the requirement of processing. Such as the function of a numerical control system of machine tool precision, stronger, better rigidity, thermal stability is better, with copying function.

    Editor this paragraph mold processing technological process and matters needing attention

    One, process flow arrangement

    In 1, the bottom surface processing, processing quality assurance; 2, casting blank reference alignment, 2D, 3D type surface residue check; 3, 2D, 3D type surface rough machining, the installation of working plane processing ( including an Quanping mesa, buffer mounting surface, pressing plane, side datum ); 4, half essence before processing, lateral reference surface alignment accuracy; 5, semi finishing 2D, 3D type surface, finishing all types of installation work surface ( including a limiting block mounting surface and the contact surface, insert mounting face and back, the punch mounting surface, scrap cutter mounting face and back, spring mounting surface and contact surface, all kinds of travel limiting working surface, inclined wedge mounting surface and back ), semi finishing all types of guide surfaces, a guide hole, left margin finishing process reference hole and the height datum, and the data is recorded; 6, processing precision inspection review; 7, fitter inlay process; 8, before finishing, process reference hole datum search, insert residue check; 9, finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching and hole position, finishing process reference hole and altitude datum, finishing the guide surface and the guide hole; 10, check A review of the machining precision.

    In two, the matters needing attention

    Process for preparing 1, concise, expression, processing of numerical expression as far as content; 2, processing difficulties, process should emphasize; 3, to machining, process clear expression; 4, insert the need for a separate processing, attentional processing precision process requirements specify; 5, combination after processing, the need for a separate the machined insert parts, assembly processing installation of separate processing baseline requirements. The 6 mold processing of spring is the most easily damaged, so choose the long fatigue life of die springs. Europe and the United States manufacturing mold spring fatigue life long, famous brand Raymond die spring.

    Metrology, testing equipment

    In  the compression for enterprise management system of overall planning and specific products prenatal quality planning, it should be fully taken into account: &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; - - for the achievement of the quality objectives, to each process and each stage of the process, the product measurement, monitoring, inspection, testing, demand the value of what belongs to the quality characteristics, the allowable error range of what is on this foundation; - identify in order to ensure that the product conforms to specified requirements necessary for the measurement, detection equipment is what, the accuracy rating and tolerance limit is a number; - - planning should result in the product to achieve the comprehensive process control charts, specific product flow diagram and technical departments to formulate specific product quality plan, the control plan, process documents, these identification needs to be appropriately express. 2 in the financial and property investment management to meet the demand of casting factory should be identified, the necessary measurement equipment ring crush strength tester, instrument, apparatus, testing, monitoring and measurement devices to use, device, arranged in a timely manner to provide funds, purchase. Capital budget should be incorporated into the quality cost accounting system, should make the customer requirements of the casting special characteristics, the basic process of foundry industry characteristics, can be equipped with material on the full detection means. 3 uniform controlled management a ) inspection or measurement department establish" measuring equipment control account" for the enterprise, whether it is original, the purchase of new measurement instruments and testing equipment, or self-made sample, gauge and gauge; whether for release of product or process validation test, measurement, or for the operator self-inspection, mutual inspection, process monitoring; even mounted on a packaging testing equipment on the device and employees to purchase, the measuring tool, must be handed in by inspection or measurement department registration, classification, one by one to one of the logo, to implement the unified management and control. Other departments to address not in controlled testing appliances, shall be confiscated them, are not free to use, to ensure that the factory each data value is from reliable controlled testing equipment. C ) don't device on a device for mounting on production equipment measurement, monitoring equipment, instrumentation and other equipment, inspection or measurement department and equipment management departments, the equipment account link, purchase or change with. D ) output<

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